Ilmor Parts Partnership Program

Sell directly to your customers without building an ecommerce website.

About the program

The Ilmor Parts Partnership Program is a seamless online shopping experience focused on you and your customers. With your link, buyers find the parts they need, and your dealership gets credit for every associated sale.

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Effortless Revenue

It’s free to participate, and you receive 20% of parts revenue generated from sales via your magic link.

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Customer Insights

Access all your customer data for better marketing and sales, making it easier to convert new connections into long-term leads.

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Seamless Fulfillment

Once your customers purchase, Ilmor handles the rest for you — faster order processing and enhanced customer experience.

Finding the right parts is easier than ever...

No more parts-buying confusion. Customers can confidently make the right purchase by simply selecting their engine’s year/make/model to see only the parts that fit.

...and selling directly to customers is just as easy.

Once you opt in, we’ll connect you to a customer-service representative who will provide the Ilmor Direct contract — and your magic link, unique to you. Anyone using your link is automatically assigned to your dealership, and sales via your link are credited to you.

Figure 1: No dealer assigned.
Figure 2: Customer shopping via your dealership link.

Get Started Now

As an authorized Ilmor dealer, you’re eligible to receive 20% on every associated sale! Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch within 48 hours.

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