A Guide to Determining Your Engine Attributes

Identify Your Engine

Knowing the model year, the boat type (make), and the engine type (model) for your craft is critical to making sure you purchase the right parts for the job. This guide will assist with finding and identifying the proper fitment data for you.

Step 1

Model Year

To find the model year, locate the Hull Identification Number (HIN). You can find the HIN on the outermost starboard side of your transom. The last two digits of the HIN will indicate the model year. See photos below for a visual guide to reading your HIN.

Figure 1: Hull Identifcation Number indicating a 2021 model year.
Figure 2: Hull Identifcation Number indicating a 2018 model year.

Step 2

Boat Type

To identify the boat type (make), you’ll need to identify the brand of vessel in conjunction with the propulsion system found on the stern.

If your boat has a propeller with the presence of a rudder, you can be sure you have an inboard vessel. For a full list of inboard manufacturers Ilmor works with, reference our manufacturing partners list.

For One-Drive/Sterndrive applications, look at the stern of your boat to determine if there is an outdrive attached. The drive provides both the transmission and propulsion for your vessel.

Figure 1: One-Drive/Sterndrive
Figure 2: Custom Inboard.

Step 3

Engine Type

To identify the engine type (model), open the engine hatch and look at the top of the engine. Then locate the badging found on the plenum. Please note that on GDI engines, removal of the plastic cowling may be required to identify the engine variant.

Have your engine identified?

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